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We adopted a stray kitty who is very sweet. Unfortunately she was also very flea ridden and Pablo reacted to the flea medication. We washed him with Dawn last night and he’s been taking and antihistamine and is OK.

Pictures of kitty to follow sometime.

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I wish I had better news for y’all.

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  • 10 year old transgender girl in Phillipe’s family tried to commit suicide last night. Her family is in denial that she’s not a he. I think she’s also stressed with Phillipe dying.
  • This is two years after I told the family to keep a close eye on her cause transgenders have a higher suicide rate.
  • Phillipe’s family consists mainly of douchebags, addicts and abusers. (The children are wonderful.) Now they’re fighting over Pablo when my family has been taking care of him for well over two years with nary a word from anyone.
  • P.S. The same family who came to ‘help him while he was in hospice’ abandoned him when he was not safe to be alone so they could “go have fun at a restaurant and maybe hit a museum.” because they wanted to have, “fun on this vacation.”
  • P.P.S. The same family basically told my mom and I that, even though we’ve been caring for Phillipe since he was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago (and knew him since before that), and mom is basically his POA and Significant Other——that we are not really family because we’re white.
  • Thankfully Phillipe said that was douchey and wrong and we are family.
  • Went to see a doctor for a second opinion since my GI keeps recommending a colectomy. Second opinion doctor also recommends colectomy. (Fuck.)
  • Both of my knees are hella swollen for no reason and have been for days.

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Ben Frost


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Miss Billie Burke em We Heart It.


Miss Billie Burke em We Heart It.

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  • Mom brought home a homeless scarred up cat. I’m training Pablo to be nice to her. She’s the sweetest.
  • Phillipe’s family are so infuriating. They abandoned a man on hospice that shouldn’t be alone so they could “have fun” after making my mom already work a 12 hour shift.
  • My second opinion GI said that surgery looks like the best option for me. Ugh.
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