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Ben Frost


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Miss Billie Burke em We Heart It.


Miss Billie Burke em We Heart It.

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  • Mom brought home a homeless scarred up cat. I’m training Pablo to be nice to her. She’s the sweetest.
  • Phillipe’s family are so infuriating. They abandoned a man on hospice that shouldn’t be alone so they could “have fun” after making my mom already work a 12 hour shift.
  • My second opinion GI said that surgery looks like the best option for me. Ugh.
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I spend a lot of time thinking about that fat horse from What’s Opera Doc

Look at this proud, graceful, fat piece of shit.

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occasionally i am reminded that there are Actual Dudes out there who think that body hair on women is gross and icky

and they look like gangly sasquatch goblins, but pit hair on women?


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