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This test that has been floating around 

Your Diagnosis

You feel both a sense that your problems are causing you stress and that these problems may be insurmountable, or at least that you are probably not likely to be able to solve them through shear force of will. You have the ability to emotionally and physically connect with others, which is often a release for your feelings of helplessness.

 You are desperate to define yourself through the power of your own convictions.  Independence is of prime importance in a relationship, though you desire and seek out likeminded individuals who you can respect. If you are required to act against your nature there will be enormous amounts of anxiety and stress created. Similarly, you are loathe to compromise on your opinions or beliefs.


What a very strange test. I don’t recommend taking it if you’re prone to seizures. I like my results.

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    You feel frustrated in your attempts to make your will manifest itself in a relationship, either public or private. This...
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    You are lacking in confidence at the moment, most likely due to a sense that you may not achieve your immediate goals,...
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    I’m just reblogging this for the change in my personality: "You do have the ability to make emotional and physical...
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    You do have the ability to make emotional and physical connections to those around you and to receive pleasure from...
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    You do not realize how uncertain you really are about your place in society and the status of your personal...
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    "You are near your wit’s end and feel that the stresses and troubles of life have left you emotionally and physically...
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    "You are extreemly particular and demanding, especially in regard to a romantic partner. Although you are quite...
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    still as accurate as ever, spelling out my personal problems and anxieties in a logical manner
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