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I’m like a bear when it comes to chemo: I don’t exercise as hard and eat like a pig the week before then I get super nauseous the week after and loose all the weight I put on even though I’m doing little more than sleeping.

Still I feel really guilty for hitting sugar and refined grains like a madman.

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My joose!

My joose!

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Heads up

I have chemo this Friday so prepare for me to possibly fall off the face of the Earth for a week or so.

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You came just in time! And by that I mean at four am which is too soon to take another, stronger pain med.

Guess I’ll just stay up two more hours so we can talk about how you’re not really fat just extremely swollen.

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I forgot to mention two things about my colonoscopy. The first is: when I woke up in recovery I was in level 9 pain and in tears because it felt like someone rammed a hot poker up my spine and my hips hurt. We later guessed that I was laying funny on my arthritic spine and hips and since I wasn’t on my pain killers and anti-inflammatories it hit me hard. Thanks to quick acting nurses I was only in pain and shaking for about 10 minutes before a morphine to my port had me right as rain in moments.

The second thing is: after not eating for two days my belly got VERY flat. It wasn’t bloated at all. Which reminded me that I’m not as big as I think I am I’m just inflamed constantly because my body reacts poorly to food being in it. It was a confidence booster and reality check as well as a reminder that I probably won’t have abs of any kind till I’m healthy again.

That being said I in no way regret the joojeh kebab and babaganosh food baby currently sitting in me and giving me a pot belly. Mmmm. Food.

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Blisters left behind by heart rate monitors. I’m allergic to adhesive, latex and natural rubber. There isn’t anything they can do about the heart rate monitor stickies (or my port cover tape). I can’t go without the machine so I have to deal with the blisters and rash.

Other than that my colonoscopy is done and I don’t have to do another colon cleanse till surgery.

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or, colonoscopy prep day 1: ensure shake liquid diet.

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So I’m probably allergic to the earrings my sister got me this past weekend.


Now they are swollen and awful. I have taken the earrings out, salt soaked them, and put some honey on. I’m gonna wash it all off in a little bit.


UPDATE: I have had the earrings out for an hour or so and the lobes have returned to normal. Looks like that latex/rubber allergy hit again. I’m going to stick with my stone and bone jewelry thanks.

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Two tramadol and a promethazine later I’m still in pain and nauseous.

Today’s doctor appointment went well. My GP thinks my back pain is radiating inflammation from my IBD. We had a heart to heart about my upcoming surgery.

I just want my life back.

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Come on Ames.

Time to get out of bed and off your heating pad. You’ve got Physical Therapy to get to.

You can do it. I know you feel nauseous and your body aches but you are a certified bad ass.

C’mon. Get up.

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