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I’m unable to afford top surgery and I’m allergic to latex/elastic so I can no longer wear a binder so I usually have visible tatas. I also have long hair which leads me (and any other dude with long hair) to being regularly misgendered.

Despite all this the therapist at this rehab center whom I’ve never met just addressed me unflinchingly as “sir” while trying to squeeze past.

It makes me feel amazing.

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GPOY. Moar breakfast pls.

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Anonymous murmured: Yellow and orange and white 

I just got this message today and I had to go back 22 pages to figure out what meme I reblogged. HAHA!

Yellow: 7 facts about my childhood.

  1. I was left largely on my own.
  2. I did not speak in public by in large until about 4th grade. Now I can’t shut up.
  3. My favourite toys were G.I.Joes (Cobra, specifically), LEGO and my skin-changing bear.
  4. My mother signed me up for softball when I was a kid, and then took me out of sports and signed me up for art club when all I did was draw in the sand.
  5. I thought everyone was condescending. I was a very cynical child. (i.e., was an asshole)
  6. One time I convinced some neighbourhood kids to roll around with me in a mud pit after monsoon just for the joy of it. I came home head-to-toe covered in mud and so did they. I got screamed at something awful by my father and my mother just shrugged and hosed me off.
  7. I had big brother syndrome really badly and beat the crap out of anybody who picked on my sister.

Orange: 6 facts about my home town.

I’ve lived too many places to have a ‘home town.’ But, for argument’s sake  we’ll say that I’ve mostly lived in the desert.

White: 3 facts about my personality.

Oh GOSH. What does this even mean? UH.

  1. I can be manic at times, which can be overwhelming to others but I generally just need a polite nudge to be put right again.
  2. I was told to never let anyone call me crazy and to never call myself crazy. I’m ‘eccentric.’
  3. I will talk to anybody. ANYONE. I have been known to sing with strange homeless men in the street and conspiracy theorists on the train. I love to tell stories and I love to hear them.
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I went to let the cat in but he was rustling around in the bushes and taking longer than usual so I bent down to pick him up and it was a raccoon

I saw a loose greyhound trotting down the street once and tried to call him in/chase him down. It wasn’t until I got close (I didn’t have my glasses on..) that I realized it was a coyote with the WORST case of mange I’ve ever seen.

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It’s 110 outside and I’m inside under a blanket on top of a heating pad.

It’s 110 outside and I’m inside under a blanket on top of a heating pad.

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Healed tattoo.

Healed tattoo.

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I need to commune with nature pretty soon or I’m going to go mad.

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I was taking a bath when Poopdog jumped in.


He hates baths.

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Anonymous murmured: I got into an argument on women's rights today and got so frustrated that I became an "angry feminist". lol. So I came to your page to drink in all of the good feels of acceptance and the clothing and the pictures of horses and flowers, and, oh yeah, the part where you are down for equality for everyone. Just wanted to let you know that I came here to recharge, and to thank you for be an awesome person. 

Gosh. I don’t even know what to say—you just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

If there is any an issue that can fire me up its inequality but whenever I feel myself getting hot-headed over something I always try to pause and remind myself to smell the flowers. I also try to remind myself that calm conviction in an argument tends to garner more respect than screaming—even though sometimes I really want to SCREAM at people.

That’s just a part of being human though, huh?

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