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Eyebrows?! +10?!
More like eyebrows 1 + .5 + .5 am I right?

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Cowboy boots. Bathroom selfies.

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It’s Okay It’s Love(2014)

This drama is tragically and beautifully written. We rarely see the deglamorized reality of Mental Illness and the stigmas that come with it. I would highly suggest this drama to everyone! You don’t even have to be a drama fan to appreciate this amazingly well written story.

In some east Asian countries, mental illness carries even more of a stigma then it does in the UK and the US, which makes this film so much more important.

^^ This is a TV show not a movie, it’s fucking amazing I recommend this to everyone

I haven’t seen this but when I lived in Japan and got insomnia so badly I wasn’t sleeping for four day stints at a time I was ostracized by the community I had been living and working with for over a year. Suddenly nobody would talk to me. I was avoided as though I were contagious.  Teachers whom I co-taught with all year suddenly weren’t  inviting me into their classrooms.

Only one of my co-workers stood by me and even then it was only after-hours. She told me her husband had insomnia and depression and was treated the same way and eventually fired from his job. She had to support the both of them.

I’ll have to put this on my watch list.

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Testicle Festival!

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The drive to Show Low in which we pass through Silent Hill.

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The last panel. I cannot stop laughing


The last panel. I cannot stop laughing

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Enjoy my puffy under chin.

Enjoy my puffy under chin.

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The therapists, nurses and doctors that work with me must think I’m a werewolf because I’m covered in hair, I have super thick callouses on my feet from being barefoot 99% of the time, and I eat a ton.

Either that or I’m a hobbit.

Werewolf hobbit.

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Having a rough toilet night.

And poopdog opened the door to the bathroom and curled up at my feet. An hour later I finally get off the pot and drag my ass to bed and he follows me with a sagging tail.

He’s so damn sweet. And even though he’s afraid of my room at night he’s currently curled in bed with me cause he wants to put his heal on me.

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