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Making you meatballs cause I love you.

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Fill in the blanks and tag 6 people! (don’t forget to tell them you’ve tagged them)
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Name: Ames Kosmos
Birthday: 08/17
Favorite color: Red-orange or Orange
Lucky number: Secret.
Height: 5’8”
Talents: Art, Arm-wrestling, eating cake.
Last dream you remember: A nightmare. I have night-terrors, sleepwalking and insomnia issues.
Can you juggle: No, but I’ve tried to learn.
Art/sports/both: I do art and swordplay. I can’t manage sports with balls without flinching.
Do you like writing:  Not in the least but several people have suggested I write memoirs.
Do you like dancing: Yes, and if my friends don’t dance they’re no friends of mine. (You’re still my friends.)
Do you like singing: Not until I went to Japan. Private karaoke is fun as heck.


Dream vacation: Traveling the world, talking to strangers, eating food.

Dream guy/gal: Compassionate and with good humour.

Dream wedding: I just need a 16th century court suit embroidered with hundreds of flowers. I don’t care what else happens.

Dream pet: Unicorn, the goat-kind preferably. Or a Raven/Bees if we’re talking mundane pets.

Dream job: Naturalist.

What I am doing: Fighting auto-immune disease full time.

Favourite song: Three Dog Night - Joy to the World, Pharrell Williams - Happy. Ask again tomorrow they’ll have changed. Tonight is funk.

Last song you heard on the radio: All About That Base

Least favorite song: …do people keep track of this?

Least favorite album: Too negative.

Least favorite artist: Don’t bring me down man.


Guys/girls/both: I like all the things. <3

Hair colour: I don’t care. Don’t even need hair.
Eye colour: I don’t care. I’ve always had a soft spot for brown eyes and it makes me sad that most people with dark eyes don’t like them.
Humorous/serious: Humormoose.
Taller/shorter: Everyone’s the same height lying down. — Quote from my grandfather.
Biggest turn-off: Misogyny, Rascism, Willful ignorance,  poor oral hygiene.
Biggest turn-on: Compassion and humour.

Tag: Anybody! But message me if you do it cause I wanna see it!

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Majestic kitty.

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So. Hookething&#8217;s box came in and I want to open it but I have to wait till they get home and I might be leaving for the concert before they get home and that means I might have to open it tomorrow and I&#8217;m so EXCITED.

So. Hookething’s box came in and I want to open it but I have to wait till they get home and I might be leaving for the concert before they get home and that means I might have to open it tomorrow and I’m so EXCITED.

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Collector of crap.

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My sister has a bad habit of putting dirty dishes in the cupboard. I forgot to check if my cup was clean before I poured my protein shake into it.

Halfway through I realize I’m drinking out of a cup I used to root plant clippings. It has plant stuff and miracle grow plastered to the side.

Since I already drank half I just finished it. I’m gross but I’m going to have magnificent foliage this year.

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My dog

Pablo always mouths at my face like dogs do to other dogs when they want to initiate play.

He doesn’t do this to any other people.

He must think I’m one hell of an ugly dog.

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what if your phobias are based off how you died in a past life

I’m afraid of rabbits.

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  • ☆Ames: A lady saw my art the other day...
  • ☆Ames: and started talking to me about not letting the devil influence me
  • ☆Ames: and that the devil was a real person.
  • Hooke: ... What?
  • ☆Ames: I took it as a sign I was doing a good job.
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