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  • Mom: How do I dispose of all this acid?
  • Me: Hmm? Oh, just slowly put sodium bicarb in it and after it's done fizzing use the pH test strip to see that it's about a 6 then dump it down the drain with water.
  • Mom: ...uh...
  • Me: Careful cause it might put off some heat as well as gas.
  • Mom: ....
  • Me: Do you want me to do it?
  • Mom: Yes please, Mr. Wizard.
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"Architecture and Morality" (2004)by Glenn Brown

actually literally me.



"Architecture and Morality" (2004)
by Glenn Brown

actually literally me.

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Paisley, Quixote, oxycodone and hot cocoa.

I’m growing extra photophobic lately which blows cause I love the outdoors. I can’t do anything without sunglasses now and my room is a cave which is not good for my plants.

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You have been stranded on an unexplored island! What 5 things do you bring with you?

From @wimey and anon.

1. A good knife.
2. Flint.
3. Poopdog. Purely a companion. He’s useless.
4. A long funny book for when things get intense and I need a break from survival. Probably The Princess Bride or Tom Jones by Henry Fielding.
5. Mechanical pocket watch.

Screw shoes. I think anybody who knows me IRL knows I have callouses thicker than my dog’s.

I am always barefoot.

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Out of bed and in a giant sweater and sweatpants. Ready to eat.

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They both licked me for about 20 minutes. Put the heal on me. Now they’re on break.

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My joose!

My joose!

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Went outside and my mint plant was missing every single leaf and covered in these fat assholes. In one night they decimated my herbs.

Went outside and my mint plant was missing every single leaf and covered in these fat assholes. In one night they decimated my herbs.

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A story about Sailor Moon.

When I was 14, Sailor Moon came out on TV. Nobody I knew had seen anything like it before and we thought it was amazing. A group of women superheros who were actual human beings with flaws and strengths and a complex (for a kid’s show) plot line.  I loved it.

I had started High School in a new town and made some new friends but a couple months into my freshman year I got sick. Real sick. My kidneys were failing and I had to go to chemotherapy 3x a week for steroid cocktails that eventually would lead to me losing the ability to walk for a year and a half. I was wheelchair bound and moon-faced and in pain. I thought that everyone would have forgotten about me since we weren’t that close to begin with. After all, I had only known this group of 4-5 girls for a month or two. Some of us didn’t even share classes.

When I eventually came back to school my friends greeted me with warm hugs. They showed me fan art they did of the show. Everyone had made their own Sailor Scouts and most were named after constellations. Some had even written original stories about our group of friends going on adventures. But what shocked me the most is that they drew me. They made up my own background story and wrote me into their fan fictions. Since they didn’t know what my star sign was or find a constellation that suited me they named me Sailor Cosmo. (This was before the Sailor Cosmos arc so we didn’t know this name was already taken.)

I had thought they had forgotten me but instead I lived on in their stories and their art and they -remembered- and included me and were happy to share what they had created and invited me to create with them. It was one of the best feelings I’d ever felt in my life (even if I had mixed feelings about being drawn in a skirt).

This is why I love Sailor Moon.

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Kitty is not impressed.

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